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Smiling is racist and if you disagree then you’re a nasty bigot who wants to kill precisely six million Jews.

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Imagine living in a world where you were "controlled" by a rootless group of nation-destroyers who even the biggest of doubters know destroyed every culture they infected down to the Roman Empire, and then even further.

Imagine being okay with that. Imagine being willing to sell your genetics out so you can say you were (((tolerant))), so your beautiful children could be fucked by niggers for the SOLE PURPOSE of completing the #KIKE ultimate plan of destroying their only competition.

How do you live with yourself? How do you accept calling half-breed mutt trash that looks or thinks nothing like you your own? What pride can you draw from that? You live your life, your struggle, build yourself up, only to accept your children and grandchildren are trash who will never accomplish half what you did bc they decided to be gay or reproduce with a lesser species? How do people do that?
I'd rather be the villain, so that one day I will be the hero.

Stand for something or fall for anything. The creature comforts many of you live for are shit. Your happiness means fuck-all if it's not directly derived from the success of your offspring.

Quit living in the moment. The moment is shit and means nothing. Your legacy is all you have and the only thing that will outlive you, regardless of what you do with your life. Have children. Raise them well. And remember, our (((competition))) expects you to ignore me. They're counting on it. They want you to at least watch your hentai porn, follow #MGTOW faggots, and fuck #NIGGERS, anything to keep you from outnumbering them.

I love you, Western Men and Women. We WILL win this, if I have to lead you into the maw of Hell itself so we can walk out the other side. I LOVE YOU.

You MUST Stay the Course. Never tire. Never Slacken. Never Give Up Hope.

You must stand and FIGHT. It's okay, there are SO many of us now. We are destined to protect the Future, I love each and every one of you.

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