[PSEC BLOG] Weebo Wuz Kangz (Buggles Radio St..

Paradigm Shift An Educational Comedy 2 months ago 121

Weebo Jones vs Raidio1 in a CaveBeast THOT against SJW Biggot DEATHMATCH MUSIC VIDEO!..

No Nose Knows

FroggyMcSwamp 2 months ago 55

Poem concerning our hopeless and ridiculous condition apart from divine intervention..

[PSEC BLOG] STAR TRASH: Moriarty Calls Bullsh..

Paradigm Shift An Educational Comedy 3 months ago 102

A scene from Star Trek: The Next Generation that never happened. The one we all wish would have happened, but didn't. Moriarty gathers evidence to confront Picard about why he thinks Picard is not being entirely hon..


Paradigm Shift An Educational Comedy 4 months ago 99

As the #MemeWar rages on, Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton turns his lustful gaze over towards Jenna Leigh (a master martial artist), and plays a final price in the battle of Immoral Kumbat...

[PSEC BLOG] A Year Of Dankness

Paradigm Shift An Educational Comedy 5 months ago 111

Richard Hamiltion visists Katerina Roy as she visits family back in the Portland Oregon area. Dave Kelso celebrates the New Years Countdown "Kekistani Style". Lots of making fun of SJWs and meme magic. So have ..

[PSEC BLOG] Dave Kelso & Jon Demas - Butt..

Paradigm Shift An Educational Comedy 5 months ago 88

Jon Demas of Class Reunion is shown playing bass guitar (with Mark Sanchez off-cam on guitar), whilst Dave Kelso sings his Duran Duran Parody refrain lyrics about everyone's favorite CEO...

The Fairy Tale (Political Satire)

Slavic Lore 9 months ago 294

Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom there lived a happy people under the wise guidance of a kind and just King...