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A_Notorious_Nobody 20 days ago 49

For easy reference,...............


Warm Potato 2 months ago 43

Why Dislike The Unions? They eat up public funding and force all the teachers to fund democrats! More info below!..

Book Review

RobertShaw 2 months ago 25

Colin Flaherty and Don't Make the Black Kids Angry..

[PSEC BLOG] A Year Of Darkness

Paradigm Shift An Educational Comedy 2 months ago 125

Dave Kelso, Katerina Roy and Richard Hamilton discuss the theme of 2018 and our projections as to what you can probably expect...

[PSEC BLOG] 2ND Amendment, Red Meat, deviantA..

Paradigm Shift An Educational Comedy 3 months ago 163

Find out what these 4 things have in common...

Operation Information Liberation *BETA*

A_Notorious_Nobody 3 months ago 99

This project is designed to provide and highlight alternatives to mainstream universities, or at least offer an inoculation against the Marxist intellectual contagion perpetuated by these Institutions of Higher Indoctrin..


Paradigm Shift An Educational Comedy 3 months ago 90

We have always failed to learn the lessons of history. Lets do things differently this time. It is our choice. Saying its fate or human nature is nothing more than a cowardly pathetic cop out...

[PSEC BLOG] Dave Kelso visits Suit Yourself o..

Paradigm Shift An Educational Comedy 4 months ago 135

Suit Yourself and his guests speak with Dave Kelso about sen sore ship and the ridiculousness of the left-right paradigm dichotomy...

[PSEC BLOG] A deviantARK From KrazyKari

Paradigm Shift An Educational Comedy 5 months ago 268

Dave and Katie explain act of random kindness...

[PSEC BLOG] PSEC - 2017 - Net Neutrality DogN..

Paradigm Shift An Educational Comedy 5 months ago 234

So we've lost Net Neutrality so what are the implications of that? What is Net Neutrality truly? What can be done about this mess?..