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The 4th circuit is retarded. And so is the 9th circuit.
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The 4th circuit is retarded. A..

Faggots need to learn how to interpret the constitution as it is, not as they want it to be.

By Bane Makarov Biddix 4 days ago

Facebook Files: The censorship manual of the world's largest social network revealed
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Facebook Files: The censorship..

Gigantic leak of Facebook internal documents makes us question if the social network is prepared to

By Bane Makarov Biddix 8 days ago

Nationalism is the solution
People and Nations

Nationalism is the solution

Since Fascism is forbidden, Nationalism is the only "legal" solution.

By Augusto Pinochet 18 days ago

Femme je vous hais
History and Facts

Femme je vous hais

Perception des femmes dans le Coran

By Dave Smith 1 month ago

Le vrai visage de l'Islam
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Le vrai visage de l'Islam

Non l'islam n'est pas une religion de paix et d'amour - C'est un mensonge

By Dave Smith 1 month ago

Découverte qui remet en cause le Coran

Découverte qui remet en cause ..

Découverte de documents qui démontrent que le Coran a eu une histoire contrairement à ce que prétend

By Dave Smith 1 month ago

Article  A
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Article A


By Cajun Chokestone 1 month ago

Opinon Piece: Why the internet can't shit itself

Opinon Piece: Why the internet..

Starts off with public defication

By John Doe 1 month ago

Shadow Brokers Unveil NSA Hacking Tools
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Shadow Brokers Unveil NSA Hack..

After having tried to sell it, the Shadow Brokers group unveiled the password that made the NSA'

By Bane Makarov Biddix 2 months ago