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So - heard there was a place where I could post WrongThink.

Glad to be here!

First post? Let's discuss tinfoil hats. Not effective. It's a dome, often with a practical antenna. Domes reflect signals back in the direction opposite their curvature, and disperse the signal. If the signal was supposed to attack specifically one brain, then it'd be shortwave enough to dissipate upon contact, or a little after, with almost nothing wasted. All a tinfoil hat would do would be to conduct and trap more of this energy in the skull cavity, not really doing much in the way of protection. Also, it looks dumb as hell, and it's fragile. Just don't.

Instead, consider investing in Faraday, or Faraday-like infrastructure in your home, and on your person. Copper networks are much more efficient at blocking the mind controlling and/or destroying rays of ELF weapons, and in the case of an EMP attack, you'll be at less risk of losing that porn collection that keeps growing amongst your bomb recipes and declassified or leaked government docs you have. In a post-technological apocalypse, still being able to whack it might be an effective morale booster for some. Or, all - and a few liars.

Point is, if you like conspiracy theories from a perpetually angry anarchist, you're home

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