because you have no sexual currency? Look in the mirror. You're still a loser like you were at 16. You're older now and you've yet to accomplished much. You did a year of college but took some time off..never finished. You not a late bloomer, you're a never bloomed. Maybe you're even downright repulsive. You've got no education or skills or talent, so you have no money, and you're not funny so you have nothing to offer. But behold! You adopt a leftist political identity and you're no longer a single miserable reject. Now you are a mob of ugly, unaccomplished, miserable rejects on parade. Now there's a remote chance of you getting laid! The one cute one hangs on every word of the Che Guano retread guy in the Beret that spouts Marx, but you've set your sights on that chubby one with the hairy pits, dog tags, rat tail. You'll try for weeks to get her to have coffee with you, and you'll try so hard, you won't even know she's a dyke, while everyone laughs at you for trying. It gets so tiring. You still can really fit in. Your only hope is politics, and that takes money you don't have. By 28, life is over. Your working in a crappy restaurant, or on disability from some half ass slip