A Compendium of Counter-Sharia Creep Resources

Archive of Islamic Criminal Activity, Relevant Governmental Stats, & Ideas in Countering the Advance of Sharia Creep.

Islamists / Jihadists / Dhimmis / Islamophiles / Islamic Supremecists / Salafists / Wahhabists / Sharia Advocates

                                                  How To Be Haram

1. Appropriate Islamic calls to prayer. Create fake, and very offensive prayers in Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, etc & send them to non-muslum Regressive Leftist & Normie outlets and encourage them to play them during Ramadan, EID, Jannah or Friday afternoon prayers, in order to increase diversity & inclusion. These will trigger any native speakers and will likely result in a media kerfuffle that will force people to start analyzing translations of all prayers in order to prevent future trolling. This will open people's eyes to what is really being said in these prayers when we, as a society, must start translating them in order to prevent from offending the Mohamedites. You can even play a little Russian roulette, send them 6 prayers with only 1 being the trigger-fest.

2. Hojabis - Turn the Hijab into a symbol of slutty sexiness, to coincide with World Hijab Day on Feb 1st. Across Mohamedan propaganda sites, you will see memes of women in make up and western clothes wearing the hijab. Only to be met with many comments from muslims males chastising the girl for not being or doing hijab correctly, promoting the niqab and burka, etc. The foundational claim for the hijab is modesty. So lets make a symbol of immodesty, a la Mia Kalifa.

4. Make Viral a "Burkas for Feminists" campaign, to better foster cultural understanding of the women in Islam oppressed by Right-Wing Abrahamic Patriarchy,
and to embrace the coming cultural enrichment.

5. Attribute Islamist / Jihadist Violence, Sex Crimes, etc, to Christians to open the minds of the cognitive dissonant and allow them to generate the feelings of outrage at everything Christian, and then shock the base of their ideology by revealing everything they had been angry at Christians for doing the moment prior was, in actuality, done by the Mohamedites they champion.

6. Create an Anonymous style support group for survivors of Islamic violence, from assault to rape to terrorism.

7. Make viral Memes educating Normies of all the various types of institutional forms of Islamic deception: Taqiya, Tawriya, Kitman & Muruna.

8. Create Memetics designed to encourage leftists in league with Islam to adopt for themselves the term of Dhimmi. I.E., "Fight the Toxic Masculinity, Patriarchy & be a Muslim ally by becoming a Emasculated Dhimmi." Similar to how they initially embraced "cuck".

9. Formulate a dedicated campaign to educate young kids, especially girls, about the dangers of the Cult of Mohamed. They have a penchant for targeting children, so we need to influence culture and society in ways that give youngsters the initial "First Impression" akin to that of "Stranger Danger" and the stereotypical guy in a van handing out candy if you help him find his dog. Educate the youth before the predators and their allies in the globalist school system can propagandize them.

10. The Mohamedan Ideology teaches it's adherents to smile at our faces with hatred in their hearts. This fits well with their displayed tendencies towards isolation, supremacism and proclivity for cry-bullying tactics. I believe that this tactic should be appropriated to better circumvent persecution under Orwellian and pernicious hate speech/crimes legislation against those who speak the truth about the Cult of Mohamed. We must develop better subtext and nuance of speech to better walk the legal tightrope whilst fighting to educate people about the real purpose and effective use of "Hate" legislation in order to walk back their deleterious effects on liberty.

11. Calling Islam by its proper term, Mohamedanism, Cult(ists), Mohamedans, Mohamedites, Islam means, "Peace through submission to the will of Allah".

Muslim means, "One who walks in the path of the One True God". Now certainly we can understand why they would use such propagandizing term for themselves, but why do we, as non-'Muslims', use their prefered terminology that only re-enforces their narrative unbeknown to us?

12. Community compilation of a comprehensive list of Islamist / Dhimmi Apologist Groups, Networks, Pundits, Activists, Arguments & Communities across the West for categorized collection and dissemination of the reality narrative to counter Cultural Taqiya.

13. Advocate for full cultural immersion by making the koran mandatory reading and studying in high school. It will force the Regressivists to oppose it on a freedom from religion and church/state separation perspective, which strengthens those rotections, or to back it in favor of the sheer diversity points. Little realizing that a solid reading of the koran is one of the quickest ways to red pill westerners on Islam. And we get to one-up them in virtue signaling.

14. Pocket mister spray bottles filled with light oil diffused with bacon grease, for coating halal food sections with a slightly greasy film with a delicious bacon aroma. Be mindful of cameras and repetitive behavior. Carry in long sleeve shirt for best concealment and quick, inconspicuous use.

15. Orchestrate coordinated 911 calls to cops in neighborhoods that have to deal with intrusive daily prayer calls blasted on loudspeakers. The squeaky wheel
gets the grease.

16. Placing Mohamedan books on the bottom shelf. For them, Islam must always dominate, which is why they generally make a point of putting their holy books
on the highest most self, or at least above the books of other religions. So, put them on the bottom shelf and check back periodically to make sure they remain there.

17. Islamic rugs that insult while being seemingly pro-Islamic, gifted to Islamophiles and apologists.

18. Generate opposition to Halal meat preparation on the basis of animal rights and animal cruelty. We need graphic A/V footage or pictures documenting the
process of bleeding them out.

19. Dogs are Halal in Islam. Any religion that preaches hatred towards Man's Best Friend is certainly a false and inferior retrograde religious ideology.

20. Passing off Haram items & practices as Halal to fool new converts.

21. Wine Vinegar is Haram as long as its not naturally aged and has turned to vinegar. Cooking with alcohol is also Haram.

22. It's Haram for Mohamedan men to wear silk, and other fabrics seen as feminine. It's seen as imitating women. Metro-sexuality is seen as a manifestation
of homosexuality.

23. It's Haram for Mohamedites to take employment in fields or companies that deal in supporting counter-Islamic initiatives, groups & agendas. Companies who
donate a percentage of profits to fund counter-Islamic movements would make themselves Haram to Mohamedans.

24. Support Myanmar in their efforts to defend themselves from centuries of muslim aggression.




   There was recently a mosque that had a picture of Jesus on the cross, a respectful one too. Cops got involved looking for info on the person who left it on outside of the property fence. No trespassing. No vandalism. No intimidation. No destruction of property. No theft. Just a picture of Jesus, not even Mohamed, left hanging on their fence. I can only imagine how low the crime rate is in that town that they can devote manpower to looking into a case that, at best, would result in nothing more than a trumped up, misdemeanor littering charge. Just like I can imagine Martin Luther being arrested by the Church for...littering.

   They claim it's offensive for any holy figure in their religion to be depicted, which includes the figureheads of Christianity & Judaism. They don't get to appropriate the outrage reserved to the religions that their cult is plagiarized from.

   Trigger them with truth. Truth they can't refute. Write letters that inflame muslim emotions in such a way as to make them great for victim-hood currency, but so damaging to the facade of perfection bestowed upon Prophet Mo that they dare not cash in their hate mail for victim-hood currency. Put them in no-win situations.

   In many "free" western societies, we find ourselves increasingly beset by the polite tyranny of evermore nebulous "Hate Crime" legislation, along with it's derivatives, "Hate Speech", "Bias Incidents" & "Incitement". In many jurisdictions, if a person purchases a koran and desecrates it, puts it in the mail and sends it to a mosque, this expression of protest against a religious and political ideology worthy of protest, is seen as a commission of a hate crime.

   Across Europe, we are seeing the deleterious effects on the ability to speak truth to power of these well-intentioned & misguided laws. People being arrested for posting videos of koran burnings. Homes being raided over social media posts. A man sentenced to a year in prison for putting a ham sandwich on the stoop of a mosque. He died of unknown circumstances 6 months into his prison sentence over a ham sandwich and a perceived insult to Islam. Sharia, by any other name.

   Ask yourself, if you came across a koran, partially destroyed, laying on the ground in a park, how would respond? Go about your day and ignore this obvious and blatant attempt to incite hatred? If a muslim were to come across it because you just left it there and went about your day, it could get people killed. Do you pick it up and put it in the garbage bin, like you would any other half destroyed book? As if it were just some piece of trash you can throw in the garbage? How can you simply toss into the trash a book revered by 1.7 billion muslims without insult? Do you give it to a local mosque? What if they think you're the one who did it? Some of these folks are Migrants with English being a second or third language. Factor in the high emotions of a destroyed koran and you could easily find yourself in a dangerous situation having only tried to do the right thing. Perhaps slipping it in the mail is the best option? With
a note clearly stating you found said destroyed koran and were wanting to safely get it to those who will properly dispose of it with the respect it deserves?

   It should be noted, the 'code' for disposing of worn-out or destroyed korans is similar to that of disposing of a flag. One primary means being cremation. Ceremonial burning with a little mumbled mumbo-jumbo and it's like a little koran funeral. Which makes throwing them in the garbage a sacrilege, which can easily cause offense and be interpreted as inciting hatred, which would be a violation of many these statutes.

   Editing the koran for correct usage in Western Societies. Let's be honest, no one has ever really done this for them. We haven't gone through their holy books with a sharpie & razor blade and redacted the parts that stand antithetical to our values and social norms. Creative editing for the current year is one method of turning a Potential charge for incitement to hatred through desecration of a religious text into a generally protected right to political and religious discourse and demonstration. Be sure to do it under the guise of social justice. Because hey, even the most ardent right winger looks like a social justice warrior compared to the Islamists and Jihadists.

   Some folks like to send in korans soaked in urine, blood, bacon grease, bacon, pork chops, lard, scat, and so on. The issue with much of these is that of sending known bio-hazards through the postal system. Meat and blood rot, carry, generate and transmit diseases, urine and scat also transmit diseases. Bacon grease and lard are about the only ones that don't rot, and don't generally grow pathogens. Given the hyper-partisan social climate, seeing trumped up charges of bio-terrorism with a hate crime enhancement is only a question of when, no longer if. Damaging enough of the book with a razor, marker, torn pages, paint, anything to render it useless will be sufficient substitute for desecration via pork.

   Addressing the issue of mixing pork products with anti-Islam demos, why is it used? Because one of the most commonly known muslim tropes is their aversion to
everything pig & pork. This is why mixing pork and Islam has become a recipe for hate charges. And these incidents run the gambit from benign bias incidents such as ham sandwiches left on the doorsteps of a mosque and pig greased korans being sent to mosques, to more serious issues of severed pigs heads and property crimes like B&E, vandalism, arson, etc. It's meant to cause offense and outrage, and express disapproval and opposition to the Islamic ideology. It's a blunt political and religious statement. One that I think is protected, or should be. But it doesn't offer anything to the conversation, besides giving the Islamophiles an opportunity to grandstand and pontificate how horrible we are whilst the muslims get to cash in with freshly minted victim-hood currency. Now don't get me wrong, there is a place for these types of blatant and offensive forms of directed protest. If for no other reason than to
preserve the right to do so and stop the encroachment of hate legislation against free expression.

   But instead of triggering their Islamic sensibilities with flagrant outrage, trigger them with facts, arguments, and evidence that they can not dismiss so easily. In letters that accompany pictures of Mohamed, or a destroyed koran. Letters that when read, will get out the arguments and reasoning behind our opposition to Islam to the Normies hearing it. Use the momentum of the predictable outrage to piggyback the message you really want to send.

   Don't let your digiprints betray you. Google has reverse search engine tools that can break down searches to specific geographic locations based on IP addresses and Meta-Data, not to mention whatever info they have on you. Your online history can be used against you in court, used to paint you in a certain light and get a conviction, guilty or not. It can also be the catalyst for an investigation instead of just a product of one. One method of defensive disinformation is to maintain social media accounts openly linked to you expressing PC opinions. Things that can't be used against you, but that you can use as reasonable doubt in case of a criminal case. And maintain anonymous accounts for Memetic Warfare. Paid VPNs and Tor would be your best bet to secure those features. Public WIFI is an option to increase anonymity, but safeguard your device with a firewall. Using a laptop or desktop with a better secured
operating system would also drastically increase security. Privatize your settings on all social media accounts. Anti Islamic posts made by members of the community may be the target pool for an initial fishing expedition by lazy investigators looking for flashy evidence for a show trial to secure re-election.

   Be weary of cameras. Cover yourself. Scout the area, though be mindful that digitalization of cameras makes storage space cheap, don't expose yourself or identifying features like license plates while scouting, or at least don't do so in any conceivable way that stands out of normal everyday traffic as well as putting time in between scouting and action. Traffic cams. ATM cams. Private security cams. Phone cameras. Game cameras. Satellite cameras. High-Altitude Metropolitan Reverse Time-line Snapshot Cameras (They take high-altitude photos every 30 seconds - all day, every day - in order to backtrack the course of events after an 'Incident' and identify the the origins and networks of the targets.)

   Sending in Polaroids of the abuse of the koran is another method of safe disrespect. But be weary of leaving a paper trail buying Polaroids as it is now a specialty tech than can be used to cross reference and narrow you down.


                                 Counter-Islam Protest Sign Ideas & Strategies


   Counter-Islamic demonstrations and rallies are media events. And in media, optics shape reality. You can't know what you aren't being shown by the Corporate Media unless you invest the time to research and find the angles that get edited in service of the overall narrative. But then those people already know not to trust the media and understand optics and reality can differ widely.

   With every pan of the camera, the shot must be filled with content that re-enforces our messaging, undermines that of our standard cadre of critics, and deprives the Corporate Media, Islamists & Islamopologists of material re-enforcing their negative narrative of we, Islamopponents.

   We should have people in burkas and hijabs in our group. If you're not in a burka, then you should be sporting a custom shirt with a fact, meme, quote, argument, image, etc. Preferably no 2 alike. Consider the myriad of methods for expressing ideas. Mock stonings. Burka challenges. Clitorectomy consults. Re-enactments of major events in Islam and Mohamed's life stories.

   If someone is driving recklessly and won't acknowledge it, mashing the gas instead of the brakes and taking their behavior to it's logical conclusion is one method of shocking people from their cognitive dissonance. One aspect of the Islamic domination is that their demands come gradually. Having pro-Islam demos that proselytize stringent Wahabbism, while the secret dream of Wahhabists, is far too pure a form of Islam for non-muslim consumption, and is counter-productive to their goal. Entice the populous into reverting to Islam by espousing it's rigorous tenets of submission. When exposed to unfiltered Islamic fundamentalism, Western Normies generally recoil with horror, preferring to believe this fringe-to-them line of thinking is fringe-to-Islam, as well. All that's left then is to show them how prevalent these fringe-to-them notions are within the actual mainstream sects of Islam. It's at this point people decide, in their heart of hearts, whether they will resist or submit.

   This type of reductio en absurbium trolling is more effective the closer it mirrors reality. For every stunt, for every statement, you should be able to highlight a real world example, preferably several from different sources. Which shouldn't be difficult given the sheer levels of madness that routinely escape the mouths of some of these clerics. MEMRI TV is a Memetic goldmine for anyone looking for muslim lolcows.

   Carry water. Literally. Due to the rise of acid attacks in the West in association with Islam, attending counter-Islamic demos & rallies lends itself to a higher risk of being a target of opportunistic Jihadists, tis the reality of trying to co-exist with muslims. Water neutralizes the damage of acid through dilution. Flushing the exposed areas with the greatest quantity of water in the shortest span of time is the name of the game after an acid attack. Also consider carrying chemical splash goggles.


                                             PROTEST SIGN IDEAS


1. OPPOSITION to CULTS is neither FAUBIC nor RACIST. Words have meanings. Learn them B4 you use them.



4. Where have MUSLIMS ever co-existed in peace w/out CRYBULLYING, JIHAD, RAPE, & INTIMIDATION?

5. There can be NO co-existance w/ THEOCRACY





The following post is from 2016 and was compiled by a Redditor. The original post has long since been deleted.

Below that are a slew of 2017 Swedish headlines and Stats



These are a combination of the over-representation of people from Muslim countries in crime statistics and other news reports of crime like sexual assault (including rape) since the migrant crisis:

In Sweden, Muslim immigrants account for 5 percent of its population but commit 77 percent of its crime. Sweden’s “rape crisis” is a direct result of an influx of Muslim “asylum seekers.”



84% of ALL Wanted Criminals in Copenhagen are of foreign origin.



Muslims are 7.5% of France’s population but are responsible for 60% of the crime.



A sample of 68 cases found 86% of men in Britain convicted of sex crimes against children are of Pakistani origin.



From 2007-2009 all solved assault rape cases in Oslo were committed by people of non-western origin.



2013 crime statistics from Denmark Skip to page 104 to see criminals by nation of origin. It says that immigrants and Danes commit similar numbers of crime, despite immigrants being a small part of the population**



34,5% – 40% of all rapes in Denmark are committed by non-western immigrants.



Non-Western immigrants to Denmark fare worse off in school.



High crime amongst immigrants and third children from MENA region compared to Danes and people from East Asia and other parts of Europe.



On this basis, we find that people in these groups [Asylum seekers] are charged with more than three times as often as the resident population in Norway. 



52% of rapes in Paris committed by foreigners.



In 2012 only 33% of Somalis in Sweden are employed. There are 18,000 unemployed Somalis. Over the course of their lives, it will cost Sweden 250 billion kronor to take care of them.



50% of Somalis in the Netherlands on welfare, a little under 80% unemployed.



Statistics Sweden has discovered only 10% of their illegal Syrian immigrants have a highschool education. Of the children of these “refugees”, only 20% are able to graduate from middle school.





Statistics in Sweden:


The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (BRÅ) has concluded more than once that immigrants, especially MENA immigrants, are insanely overrepresented in the rape statistics. For violent crimes, such as rape, assault and murder, immigrants are 300-400% overrepresented. This same study proved that this difference remained even when taking socio-economical factors into consideration.



Unfortunately BRÅ stopped keeping detailed statistics about the origin of the criminals (gee wonder why), but during the late 80s they still kept statistics like that. Numbers show the amount of people per 1000 who got registered for a crime.


Sweden: 0,2

Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia: 4,6

Jordan, Palestine, Syria: 1,9

Iraq: 4,0

Iran: 2,0

Romania, Bulgaria: 3,6

“The rest of Africa, excluding Uganda”: 3,3

In contrast, people from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China commit so few rapes that they don’t even show up in the statistics. Very few western countries cross 1,0.



Here’s a video analysis of the BRÅ stats.



This is from the Swedish crime prevention bureau, a report from 1996 shows that migrants from Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia are over-represented by 22 compared too Swedes regarding rapes. Thin dismissed as a matter of socioeconomic structures, but in the article they compare other crimes while accounting for socioeconomic structures and the over-representation remains. Source:  



Sexual abuse increases together with an increase in migration.



Die Welt says 8.9% of Syrian refugees in Germany have higher education, 16% are illiterate and half of them have insufficient education. 



Don’t mind the title of this video. It’s a news clip from Norwegian Public Television. 100% of the rapes that occurred between strangers were committed by non-Western men. The actual police report.

 New reports show that at least six other German cities suffered massive sexual attacks during New Year’s Eve:



Two young girls (14 & 16 y.o.) raped multiple times by a group Syrians in Weil am Rhein during new year’s eve.




France’s prison population is estimated to be 70 per cent Muslim.



Young Afghans wanted Cell rob: victims seriously injured.



In Sweden we just found out that 300 sex crimes were committed allegedly by men from MENA region at a concert for teenagers in central Stockholm this August and the police and media worked together to keep it a secret.



20 y.o. Somalian rapes 88 y.o. woman in Porta Westfalica, Germany.



Woman’s experience working at refugee centre: A social worker working in an asylum centre in Hamburg has spoken out about the daily realities of her job, which includes death threats, sexual harassment, aggressive behaviour, forged documents, misogyny, verbal abuse and even physical assault. She has admitted to changing her dress and behaviour in order to stay safe from the migrants, 90 percent of whom she describes as “unpleasant”.




Translation: https://s9e.github.io/iframe/reddit.min.html#/r/europe/comments/41zkgk/interview_with_a_german_woman_working_with/cz6vp40 


Reports of sexual assaults on women across European cities, including Cologne, Hamburg, Zürich, Salzburg, Helsinki during NYE festivities. 



Three Eritrean men raped a woman in turns in Hjorring (DK).



Migrant assaulted women while she was out walking with baby carriage. He wanted sex and groped her between the legs.



Grandma Toni of 96 visually impaired and “a very sweet woman,” last night beaten behind her walker about six hours and stabbed by Vino H., a 24-year-old Iraqi .



Failed asylum seeker kills three on bus (Norway).



German Woman Murdered By Man With “Refugee Background” And “Considerably Violent History Known To Police” After He Pushes Her Into Path Of Oncoming Subway Train For No Reason.



Young asylum seeker stabs Swedish woman to death, police say.



Stabbing death of 15yo schoolboy by ‘Arab migrant’ classmate in Sweden sparks outrage.



North African teenager stabs Swedish homosexual.



Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard.



Christian and Muslim refugees should be housed separately, says German police chief. 



Finnish police reports rape stats 2015: asylum seekers 5.43x and foreigners 6.86x more likely to be investigated for rape vs Finns.



Young migrants attack elderly men after they defend woman on train.



Iraqi refugee raped 10yo boy at swimming pool in Austria.




3 Arabs rape 16 year old female at a transtation in Leonding (Austria).



Belgium’s prison are 44% foreign.



Immigrants accounted for in the period in question approximately 12 percent of the population and about 52 percent of those with long prison sentences. The majority (52.5%) originated in countries other than Sweden. Beyond that is a part of prisoners born in Sweden, second-generation immigrants:



One of the most misunderstood issues of crime, “economic factors”. Immigrants over-representation persists even after controlling for socioeconomic factors, something Crime Prevention Council already examined. Adjustment for socioeconomic reduces overrepresentation of a factor of 2.5 to 2.1, which means that around a fifth of the over-representation disappears.

Teacher ‘ignored teenage girl’s cries for help’ as she was gang raped by North Africans at school in Austria.



19 year old girl in German city becomes victim of refugee rape gang, 4th attack this month alone: 




Netherlands: Percentage of people on welfare by nationality:



Asylum seekers in Belgian Herk-De-Stad refuse to clean their social house, because it’s women’s work.



Finland – Assaults and harassment of teenage girls – asylum-seekers suspected of numerous crimes.



A 25-year-old Palestinian who stabbed a police officer at an asylum centre in Denmark this week is the same man who attacked a Swedish minister earlier in the year, Danish officials have said.



‘Unclean’ Syrian woman who escaped to Germany after gang rape found stabbed to death in suspected ‘honour’ killing.



(UK) Migrants accused of gang-rape of teen girl in Gillingham ‘wept in court’.



German authorities accused of playing down refugee shelter sex crime reports.



Of Syrian refugees to Norway in 2014, only 30% have completed primary school, of those 15% have completed high-school, and 5.8% have a higher education, says Frisch Centre NRK More than a trillion kronor to integrate.



“On the border we didn’t see helpless poor people. It was a big group, they were arrogant and aggressive, they wanted to have what they thought they needed. They want to go to Germany or Sweden and receive money from the state”, says a Hungarian farmer.



Shock figures: 84 per cent of those charged with serious crimes in Copenhagen are immigrants.



Syrians have lower educational level than expected.



‘Advocate for refugees’ stabbed by refugees in Dresden.



70% of the refugees don’t finish their apprenticeship in Germany. One reason: Salary too low for the refugees standard.



Migrants Brutally Gang Rape 14-Year-Old Girl, Gets Off With Community Service.



17 year old Danish boy stabbed and killed by 3 migrants.



A group of teenagers from North Africa who were living in Stockholm have been found guilty of gang raping a 23-year-old woman on the island of Södermalm.



Seven women assaulted last night (Copenhagen).



Girl (12) molested by two men on the way home.



Children and young girls molested by asylum seekers in Norway.



Migrants gang-rape in Austria.



Pakistani man attempts to rape woman in Munich.



Prime Minister Juha Sipilä has called a crisis meeting with the Interior and Justice ministers over a suspected rape in his home town of Kempele, near Oulu. MTV reports that the two suspects are asylum seekers from Afghanistan.



Swedish woman raped by Iraqi migrant on train didn’t want to press charges against rapist because he was a “refugee”.



14 year old Girl raped on the street in small Austrian town “Leoben”, where recently 450 Refugees were housed. Suspect description will not be publicly released, because its too “vague”.



Afghan Migrant Brutally Raped And Burnt To Death Young European Because She Wanted To Break Up.



3 Arab men who raped Swedish woman receive sentences.



7 out of 8 migrants from Syria do not have a job 4 years after they get residence permit in Denmark.



Six women reported being surrounded by “several dark-skinned men”, who had robbed, groped and molested them, police said, whilst making reference to the similarity with the German attacks that also took place on New Year’s Eve:



Hanau, Germany – Two Syrians stab their own pregnant sister to death.



2 unaccompanied “minors” arrested in Uppsala, Sweden, for rape of a minor boy in a foster home for migrants.



9 girls report sexual assault on New Year’s Eve in Kalmar, Sweden, with Kalmar police expecting more to come forward



Girl attacks and sexually assaulted in Stuttgart



15-year-olds suspected of rape of young boy



16-year-olds were arrested for child rape



Two teenage girls gang-raped by four ‘Syrian nationals’ in southern Germany 



19 yo brutally beaten by 5 refugees in Chemnitz, Germany



German teen boy raped by immigrant in town hall 



Pakistani harassing a 14 year old Residents assaulting the center for the reception of refugees 



15-year-old girl sexually assaulted by Iraqis and Syrians. The police did however not publish the case: 



Syrian rape in pool Munich 



Boy, 3, possibly raped at Norway asylum centre



46 y.o. Pakistani arrested on suspicious of sexual abusing three kids (10, 11, 13 y.o.) in Hilbersdorf, Germany





German woman, aged 31, surrounded by Arabs then sexually assaulted by two in Leipzig Main Station. Leipzig prosecutor releases both men calling the assault just an “insult”



Pakistani rapes 3 year old Syrian in Kamen, Germany



Danish women report harassment by refugees




Refugee punches woman’s face – broken cheekbone



Refugee attacks two women in Schwetzingen, Germany. As they resisted, he kicked one of them so hard in the face that he fractured her skull 



Police have arrested a 23-year-old man from Lebanon in a refugee camp on the road in Hildesheim Laatzen late on Sunday. He should have tried on Saturday night to rape a 45 year old woman:



Migrants accused of disabled woman rape