Antifa & Black Bloc

Today's Black Bloc Are the Brown Shirts Of Yesteryear.

Antifa is an Anarcho-Communist organization known for pioneering the Black Bloc stratigem in which they don all black attire with black face masks, not totally dissimilar to ISIS, and engage in physical violence and intimidation tactics. Attacking single people in numbers, attacking unarmed people with weapons, attacking women, hitting unconscience victims in the head, pepper spraying a girl wearing a, "Make Bitcoin Great Again" hat while giving an interview, hitting innocent people over the head with improvised bike lock flails, and so on and so on. Suggesting that the Black Bloc are modern day Brown Shirts is not an outrageous claim. The violence from the right has been the natural response to a long series of violent events from the left. When we address the root cause of the problem, we will be able to return to peaceful marches and demonstrations where people can try to talking to eachother instead of talking at & past eachother.

We've seen this type of organized mob violence going all the way back to the 2016 San Jose riots afters Trump's one and only visit to California during the primaries. Project veritas revealed the extent of the Disrupt J20 plans which we saw attempted on inaguration day, "Become Ungovernable", #ProjectResist, By Any Means Necessary with Yavette Falarca, The Berkley riots canceling the Milo appearence, more violence in Venice Beach, dust ups in Portland, DC and other cities, the April 15th block wide street fight dubbed the "Battle For Berkley". Just look into the Antifa riots in Hamburg a month or so ago at the G20 meeting to get a sense of the nature of these self-proclaimed, "Anti-Fascists".

The Corporate Legacy Media has given this a complete spin job to get the most political bang for the emotional buck of this incident. Have you even heard about the citizen activist / journalist, Baked Alaska, who was essentially blinded by some type of solvent being tossed into his eyes at the very begining of the event? Hours before the car attack. How about how the police completely bungled the situation and were given a stand down order that lead to the two sides clashing? And this is hardly the first time we have seen cops stand down in the face of Antifa violence.

We are witnessing people engaging in political discourse being tarred and feathered with these often innacurate and canned insults that does nothing except stifle the, "National Conversation" and roil civil discontent to the point of boiling over into ever escalating violence. To the point where these terms lose all meaning and thusly, their earned negative connotations.

Are we to declare war on 'American Nazis', now? And if so, where does that end? I thought the whole game here was to avoid having another civil war, whatever that might look like in the land of the McNugget.

Even Nazis enjoy First Amendment rights, as the Supreme Court settled in Skokie. It's what makes our society and values superior to theirs. If we create a magical class of people who have limited rights, how long before people who aren't Nazis find themselves being plastered with the term by their ideological opponents in a short sighted attempt to make political hay out of highly emotionally charged issues? It's the same reason I don't like applying the term terrorism to any of this stuff. Murder can get the the chair just as easy and RICO is sufficient to go after these lunatic groups on both sides.