The Importance of Rites of Passage in Healthy Psychological Development

Without natural rites of passage, a child is at risk of failing to develop into adulthood, we must have the wisdom to allow our children to experience these challenges of we want them to become strong adults.

A fatal flaw of modern civilization is it shields people (children in particular) from the natural rites of passage necessary to progress as an individual.

For instance:

Up until the age of 4, the child spends most of his time with the mother (or is supposed to anyways).

The mother gives him lots of love, affection and shields him from the dangers of the world.

This is fundamental to the healthy psychological development of the child. The child needs to be away from society, away from schools and in a safe and controlled environment where the mother can instill basic skills, principles, ethics and values into the child.

However, once the child reaches the age of 4-6, he needs to go out and experience the world, he needs to make mistakes and learn how to use his youthful energy to accomplish things.

Children have a tremendous amount of energy and creative potential. During this time, they need to be in the care of the father, who will teach them the way of the world, work and of other people.

If a child spends this time period in the care of the mother, she will coddle him and shield him from the dangers of the world. Although these dangers are scary and potentially harmful, the child needs to experience these strange new mysteries and learn how to deal with the pain, fear and failure, which the mother tries to protect them from.

This is a natural rite of passage that is necessary in both boys and girls.

If they fail to go through this rite of passage they will fail to progress to the next stage of their psychological development.

Today, children are given away to daycare and public schools around age 4-5. While there, they will spend 8 hours a day in the company of total strangers and teachers of questionable integrity and competence who are unable to provide the proper context for the strange new world they are experiencing.

During this time they need to be with their father, their father will teach them what they need to know. Basic things like speech, discipline, motor skills, colors, math, ethics, plus all the million and a half random questions that children ask their fathers.

Fathers will also let their children fall off a bike, scrape their knees, get in fights, make mistakes, hurt themselves, and inevitably, learn the lessons from these mistakes so that they don't repeat them. All while making sure the child is safe from any real danger. Fathers also have the wisdom (at least they should anyways) to provide context for all the new things that the child is experiencing. This is also a time for the child to see what it is that the father does for work and the value he provides with his masculine qualities.

However, in modern times, father is out working his 9-5 slave job and so is mom. So the child is given away to the state, who becomes the new father figure and who the child will naturally grow to respect as the real father.

Without the influence of the father during this critical time, boys will fail to progress into adolescence with a positive sense of masculine self-image.

And so you have the soy boys of today.

Similarly, without the father, girls will fail to understand the importance of masculinity and will have difficulty developing a positive image of masculinity which she will grow to base her future romantic tastes upon.

Without a strong, masculine and ethically steadfast father, she will learn to manipulate, dominate and abuse men because her father never had the balls to put his foot down.

In the absence of a father she will become an attention whore for every form of masculine attention that her father never gave her.

Does this sound familiar?

It should, because it is the current state of our children.

The boys are weak little beta males and the women are cruel little monsters who have never been told "no".

We are in a mental health crisis here in the West.

Unfortunately there is precious little that can be done to fight mental illness once it has been developed.

The key to fighting mental illness is to prevent it before it starts.

This is done, primarily, by ensuring that your child progresses through these natural rites of passage so that they can gain the self-esteem, life skills and positive self-image they will need as they move onto adolescence and adulthood.

Fighting is another good example:

There was a time when two boys could have a disagreement, fight it out, one boy wins, the other loses and the winner would pick the loser off the ground and they would walk away as friends.

Today, someone gets their ass kicked and they either call the cops on you, or they can't handle the humiliation of defeat so they pull the guns out and kill you!

When I was in 8th grade I was on the bus and some douchebag kid was fucking with me.

He said something that really pissed me off so I walked to the back of the bus and popped him right in the fucking lip.

He cried the whole fucking way home. He even pulled his beanie down over his eyes so no one could see him crying.

Everyone hated that damn kid because he was an asshole.

I tried to teach him a lesson about being an obnoxious asshole.

Instead of learning from that, he told his mom what happened, she called the school and I was suspended and they pressed charges on me.

I was arrested, went to juvie for the first time, then ended up on a diversion program.

That kid went on to become even more of an obnoxious and instigatory douchebag because he knew, if anyone ever hurt him, he could have the cops lock that person away.

I was robbed of my natural rite of passage of learning how I can use my physical power to defeat bad people.

He was robbed of the natural rite of passage of learning how popping off at the mouth can get you popped in the mouth!

I could have gained valuable self confidence.

He could have gained some respect and humility.

But that isn't how it turned out.

There are two rites of passage of particular importance when it comes to fighting:

1. Your first win.

2. Your first loss.

Your first win teaches you that you have the power to hurt people very badly, in both an offensive and defensive capacity.

This is critical for a boy's self-esteem as he will grow to be the protector of his family, children and nation.

Your first loss teaches you the limits of your power and how to overcome defeat with honor and humility. It will teach you how to channel your humiliation into motivation to train and become stronger and better so that you don't lose your next fight.

If you never lose a fight, you will grow to be a bully, and no one likes bullies.

If you never win a fight, you will never have the confidence to defend yourself or your loved ones and defeat your enemies.

But these days, you go to jail for fighting.

So obnoxious weaklings rise to the top of society because the virtuous were unable to beat them into humility and submission.

I.e.: Feminists, AntiFa, BLM, gangs.

These are all weak people who couldn't stand on their own who have been protected by the establishment and have, in turn, become the bullies of society.

And they now hold positions of power, unchallenged, as they wage war against all the strong, ethical, intelligent and successful people of our world.

All because we weren't allowed to give them a black eye and a swift kick in the ass...

It should be clear now why most adults act like over-grown children.

They have the emotions, intelligence, interests, immaturity and the shallowness of a child.

They want: fun, fun, fun, happy, happy, happy, flashy, flashy, flashy!

They are in a state of arrested development and adult infantilism because they never went through the necessary rites of passage that serve as spiritual milestones on the road to maturity.

Seriously, talk to the average adult!

They are good at chit-chat, small talk and joking around, but these people lack depth and as soon as you talk about anything of substance, their eyes gloss over and they give you that look that tells you their brain has shut off.

They are incredibly immature, both intellectually and emotionally, and will often display quite obvious somatic characteristics of various pathology such as: fidgeting, picking, cutting, bulimia, over-eating, denial of eye contact, sweating, nervousness, studdering, inability to speak, twitchiness or other visible and audible tics.

They often live incredibly irresponsible lives of promiscuity, drug abuse, violence, crime and other forms of reckless thrill seeking.

Or they just live a meaningless and vapid existence of work, pleasure, constant entertainment and external stimulation.

Many of these people are uncomfortable with silence and require constant stimulation and become hyper-extraverted to escape that uncomfortable voice that is their conscience.

Discuss politics with a Leftist, or even your average Conservative Boomer, as soon as they disagree with you, all reason goes out the window and they break down into a pathetic childlike tantrum.

We've all seen these people melt down before, it is rather unexpected and shocking to witness.

They are in a psychologically childlike state, they might be high-functioning enough to work a 9-5 and pay the bills and stay out of jail (most of the time anyways) but by every other metric, they have regressed back to childhood.


With that having been said, it should come as no surprise that our kids aren't being raised properly.

They are being raised by children!

Their parents lack wisdom, values, virtue and depth, and thus, have none to pass down to the next generation.

So the cycle continues...

And we are plunged deeper and deeper into the nightmarish abyss of mental illness and adult infantilism that we call "Clown World".