Tips To Rock Your Baby Bump In Style

Gone are the days when pregnant women opted to settle in with fewer clothing options

Gone are the days when pregnant women opted to settle in with fewer clothing options, which was pretty much limited to a few tents, elastics and kudos dresses. Thanks to the new digital age, maternity wear has now caught up with its own trends where every mum in the 21st century walks out with a maternity style of her own.Be itchic, rock, street, bohemian or sophisticated, every to-be mom should have these basics in her maternity wardrobe.

Tops and Tunics

Your pregnancy does not end in nine months. The postpartum months are going to be quiet challenging in terms of getting an organized wardrobe in place. We suggest that you gear up for both. Each of your bodyreacts differently to the changes that are happening within. New life brings you a magical outer glow which makes any piece of garmentlook good on you. So go ahead and experiment with your heart's content.

When it comes to tops and tunics bold colors are a signature, Flowy floral prints never go out of style, stripes are a necessity, straps are a comfort and off shoulders adds to your style. Make sure you get a few front open shirts and tops in preparation for your post-delivery months ahead.

Skirts and Dresses

New moms seem to be pulling off everything in style these days and this applies to skirts and dresses as well. Rather than going for flowy and maxi dresses and skirts, these life-bearing forces have opted to go for short, mid-length and body-hugging skirts and dresses. 

When it comes to dresses, every girl should have a little black dress.  And so does a girl with a bump. Bear it all in black and you’ll never regret it. T-shirt dresses give you a chic look and daytime comfort while you can slide into pencil skirts (includes options for waistlines)with a loose top.

Jeans and Pants

The most essential part of a maternity wardrobe is maternity denim, which will be a live-in piece of clothing during your pregnancy and post pregnancy. Usually, they come with belly panels which can be selected based on your personal preference. We suggest you do skinny or cropped jeans that’ll give the big bump an added look.

Additionally, have a pair of black pants to balance out your work and outdoor style. And don’t forget to have comfortable pairs of leggings made out of breathable fabrics and which are easy to slide into.

Underwears& Bras

A good set of underwear is a must during pregnancy as it’s the basic of clothing that will help pull offthe rest. Maternity panties come in different styles and sizes. Whatever they are, make sure its cotton.

As your breast begins to grow larger, you might want to invest in a few well-supported bras and some may prefer sports bras. Additionally, some prefer to sleep in cami combos.

Shoes and Stockings

Take into account your changing center of gravity, swelling legs, and ankles. Have at least two pairs of well-fitting shoes around the house to walk in with comfort. Comfy sneakers, loafers are the best. Boots, sandals, spacious pumps are a few options to have to pull of rest of the wardrobe.


Accessories add on to your maternity look. A few must haves would be cardigans or coats to partner with your dresses and tops. Buckle up with belts and colorful scarves thatcan always give the same dress or top a different look for each occasion.