How To Establish A Culture Of Food Safety In Your Restaurant

A food service business is based largely on the quality and the level of food hygiene that you maintain.

A food service business is based largely on the quality and the level of food hygiene that you maintain. If your guests start to fall ill after they come and eat from your restaurant your business will be closed down pretty soon for health violations. Therefore you must do everything that you can to establish not simple food hygiene but a culture of food safety in your restaurant, café or hotel. This way employees will adhere to the food safety standards without you having to micromanage everything as well. Here are some pointers that you can use to establish this culture of food safety sooner than later.


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Provide Your Staff With The Knowledge That They Need

Training and development should be a must have an ongoing factor of all businesses. You should provide your employees with the training and development that they need in order to maintain food safety at work. Don’t just tell them how they should do this. Tell them why they should be doing this and what will happen if they do not follow the food safety rules. When you tell them how cross contamination can happen by storing cooked and raw meats together, or when you tell them why using a chopping board that was used for seafood can be dangerous when used for meat as well, they will remember and they will realize the gravity behind the actions that they take.

Provide Your Staff With The Right Equipment

Another very important factor in maintaining food safety is the right equipment. You can teach your employees all you want but if the fridge is not working correctly what’s the point of it all? Get the right equipment like a counter depth refrigerator or two, some industrial level freezers and the likes. Buy plenty of sealable and airtight containers that can be used for foods that need to be frozen and for those that can just be kept outside too. Prepare a list of items that you should buy in order to ensure that food safety is always maintained in the kitchen. Even with this equipment, you should still do temperature checks in the fridges and in various other storage facilities in your restaurant just so you can be sure.

Don’t Excuse ‘Silly’ Or ‘Tiny’ Mistakes

When it comes to food don’t allow for silly or tiny mistakes to happen. These little mistakes that you think are negligible can actually end up killing or making a customer really sick. It gets that serious with really bad food poisoning and food allergies. Always follow food allergy protocols and run random tests to make sure that your staff is following the rules and regulations. Teach your staff to maintain personal hygiene as well such as not coming into work if they are sick with something that is contagious or not wearing their aprons when they go to the washroom or always remembering to thoroughly wash their hands before touching food at any point. These are some of the basic ways in which you can establish a culture of food safety in your business.