Jewish Control of the Transatlantic Slave Trade to North America (Part I)

Jews brought Africans across the Atlantic Ocean to North America to be sold and enslaved even in 75% of their own households.

I'll start with the former US Senator of Louisiana and Confederate Secretary of War, Treasury, and State - Judah P. Benjamin. He was a Jewish slave trader/owner and one of the main proponents of the pro-slavery stance in the South.

Judah P. Benjamin was the Rothschild agent for the Confederate states. When the Union came to collect the Confederate gold, he already fled to Britain with it.

 Judah P. Benjamin featured on the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans website.

Judah became the Queen's Counsel as a reward for his part in the Civil War and theft of the Confederate gold He was a sneaky little Jew.

Now, lets look at 2 Rothschild agents in the North, August Belmont and Salmon P. Chase.

I'll show August Belmont's connection with the New Orleans slave trade when I John Slidell and his Jewish connections, but in their is some very good information about him in the graphic below.

Salmon P. Chase started his empire during that time. He was a Cheif Justice of the United States, Governor of Ohio, and U.S. Senator.


The Chase empire from above made its money from SLAVERY!



Wells Fargo was founded by Jews.

Their fortunes came from Slavery. Wells Fargo owns USA Today and Wachovia Bank which also made their fortunes from slavery.


The Jewish Lehman family of the wealthy banking corporation Lehman Brothers made a killing from slavery just like the Chase empir

Here’s more on the Jewish Lehman family of the Lehman Brother’s namesake.


Let's look at how the infamous Monsanto corporation started out. 

Oh look!

They were a Jewish slave trading and slave driving family in New Orleans.


Since the last example was in New Orleans, let’s continue on in the Louisiana area. I might as well share the cotton dealers in the Delta.

They were Jews, and they owned many many slaves!

It's interesting to see that most politicians in Louisiana were Jews.

At that time, slave owners had 1 vote + 3/5 vote per each slave which means there were a whole lot of Jewish votes to put Jews in office.


The Jewish Lt. Governor of Louisiana was a huge slavery supporter, and he even joined a vigilante group to defend slavery.

In Shreverport, Louisiana to the northeast of New Orleans, there was a slave trading post completely run by Jews. 

And look! The politicians there were Jews, too.

The Confederates were financed by a French Jew (Louisiana Jew) by the name of Frédéric Émile d'Erlanger. He was the son-in-law of John Slidell. Loan amount: $15,000,000.

Slidell, Louisiana, which is northeast of New Orleans on Lake Ponchartrain, was named after John Slidell.


Jews financed the North AND South in the Civil War, and for good reason (in their minds anyway). How many Europeans killed each other for Jews' slave commodity?


Remember the Rothschild agent, August Belmont, I spoke about earlier who financed the North in the Civil War? It turns out that he was married to John Slidell's niece


Not only was John Slidell the father-in-law of the Jew who financed the South and the uncle of the bride married to the Jew who financed the North, but he was also the brother of Thomas Slidell who owned a law firm with the South's Jewish Rothschild agent Judah P. Benjamin. The law firm was Slidell, Benjamin, & Conrad.

Basically, these are the men who financed and instigated the Civil War. 

I'm of the belief that John Slidell was Jewish. He was from New York, and no record of any Slidell's can be found before his father. His father, John, was the president of the Bank of Mechanics in New York.

Since I'm in Louisiana, I'll continue with the French companies and a Jew by the name of John Law.


John Law, a Jew, made slavery France's Mississippi Company its most lucrative commodity.


More on John (((Law))). I emphasis "Law" as a Jewish surname because Christians wouldn't choose such a surname because they believe they are saved by grace, not the law. Anyway, he introduced paper money, deficit spending, government bonds & many other forms of usury.

But wait, there's more!

As you can see in the last part of the post above, France had a crash because of John Law's junk bonds. 


Where did the jew John (((Law))) flee to after bankrupting France? He fled to NEW ORLEANS and made the Delta the slave capital of North America.

Let's go all the way back to the 1st slave ship which was named "The Good Ship Jesus" - a mockery of Jesus.

It turns out Sir Hawkins & Sir Drake were Jews.

The 1st town in North America was St. Augustine, and it was also the 1st place in North America with slaves. 

Let's look at the research Jews have been doing on the people of St. Augustine.

Oh look! There were Jews!

Now that we've established Jews lived in St. Augustine when slaves were brought to North America, let's look at St. Augustine doctrine.

It seems like he was a little bit of a Zionist, doesn't it?

Now, let's move on to slavery in the American colonies. 

We'll start with the Dutch West India Company and their most lucrative commodity, African slaves, because the 1st slave traders came out of this organization. 

Oh look! It's #1 shareholder was a JEW!

Not only was the Dutch West India Company funded by a Jew, it was completely run by Jews in Brazil and Guyana. They owned all the slaves there, too.

But wait!

There's more!

Jews "fled" Brazil and showed up in New Amsterdam in 1654. Before that time, there were no any slaves in the colonies.

Jews ran the slave trade in the Caribbeans, too.

Read on about the fleeing Jews from Brazil and the (((Spanish pirates))).

The sob story that Jews from Brazil used when they made it to New Amsterdam (New York today) was that they were ransacked by Spanish pirates.

Isn't it ironic that they were Spanish pirates, but Jewish pirates. They simply cannot tell the truth.

Jews not only financed and ran the Dutch West India, but the Dutch East India companies, as well.

The Jew Jan Pieterszoon Coen, Governor-General of Dutch East Indies, MURDERED the native inhabitants of the Banda Islands.

Let's move on to Rhode Island which was the North America point of the Transatlantic triangle, and where a large population of Jews lived.

Let's look at the Rhode Island's founder. His name was Roger Williams. He was also Rhode Island's 1st governor, and he founded (((Newport))) (more on Newport later).


Looking deeper into Roger Williams, we find that he brought ZIONISM to the Colonies, and Rhode Island was founded for religious freedom.

Rhode Island mounted THOUSANDS of Transatlantic voyages.

Here's more information on the Transatlantic triangle trade in Rhode Island and it's hottest commodity - African slaves.

Oh look!

Newport, Rhode Island was the epicenter of the Transatlantic triangle slave trade.

Coincidentally, the oldest and most influential Jewish communities in early American history was in Rhode Island.

So, who lived in Newport, Rhode Island?

Aaron Lopez, who was a converso Jew, lived there among many other influential Jews. He was one of the most prominent slave trader. There are a lot of names here I need to research.

Aaron Lopez, a Jew, ran one of the largest slave trading operations in North America.

Aaron Lopez, a slave trading Jew, operated 50% of the slave trading vessels in the Transatlantic trade.

I've accounted for 63 of his ships.

Some of Aaron Lopez' best friends were ship builders. Jews say these 2 were anti-slavery. If so, were they building ships for slave traders?


The cornerstone of the oldest synagogue in America was laid by Aaron Lopez, a SLAVE TRADER.

Oh, and it was built by his SLAVES!


I have more information on this Touro synagogue. It has to do with George Washington.

First, let's look more in Newport, Rhode Island. This was a Jewish family.

Aaron Lopez wasn't the only jew in Rhode Island trading slaves.

The Jewish DeWolf family was the BIGGEST slave trading family in HISTORY.

Here's more on the Jewish slave trading family, the DeWolfs.

Newport and the South will be continued in the part 2 of this article.