Warrant Canary

Last updated on August 19, 2018

Canary Statement

What this page is designed to do is to inform users that WrongThink has not been served with a secret government subpoena. If the warrant canary has not been updated in the time period specified by WrongThink, users are to assume that WrongThink has indeed been served with a secret subpoena. The intention is to allow WrongThink to warn users of the existence of a subpoena passively, without disclosing to others that the government has sought or obtained access to information or records under a secret subpoena. Warrant canaries have been found to be legal by the United States Justice Department, so long as they are passive in their notifications.

Warrant Canary

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This warrant canary is updated at minimum once every 6 months, or whenever a new legally binding request is received, or about to be received if we have advanced warning.

Warrant Canary, July 1st 2018

  1. We have not placed any backdoors into our software or hardware, and we have not complied with any requests to do so.

  2. We have not received, nor complied with any National Security Letters or FISA court orders.

  3. We have not been subject to any gag order by a FISA court.

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