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Also reminder you can earn up to $1.00 for each user your refer to us and will subscribe to any of our pro packages.

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Don't forget to help us out stay open by either donating or upgrading your account to Pro

And thank you everyone who did, you are all wonderful people s2 don't worry even those who haven't donated and that are using our service are wonderful people

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We have noticed there's a bug of images being removed from the server files, we are looking into it. Right now every file is hosted on the server itself since we don't have enough revenue to buy a CDN. But please be assured that we are looking into the problem and once it's fixed we will try to restore all the pictures with the people that are having problems.

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People have been crying about us not allowing doxing on our platform, but all of you need to understand that everyone deserves privacy about what they post. And you can't be picky it's either freedom of speech and expression to all or to none, you can't choose favorites. If you dox someone based on what they post, what they represent, and the ideologies they have, you are just as bad as those who take down on "hate speech" and arrest you for it. And if you still cry about it, I want you to be sure that if you think about it you too would cry wolf if someone doxed you. If that was the case you wouldn't want people posting your private info on a social network. We are pro-free speech and that's why we allow people using alias and not forcing you to use your real name like Facebook does, which is what we are an alternative of, not really twitter.

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  • WrongThink is an alternative social network to Twitter that supports Free Speech. #InternetFreeAgain #AnimeRight