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They never went anywhere. The entire nation can now see what they fought in Charlottesville. Next stop Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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Dis be muh big nigger dick bitchez

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Do you like camping? Does the idea of going hiking for a few miles, finding a place to camp near a lake where fishing is possible, drinking, steaks, campfire, is it interesting to you. No homo. No car camping.
I'm talking about getting away from annoying people and noise and just being out in natural places to relax and slow down a little. Just essential gear without being annoying in a ultra light way. 
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I don't want to see these people on my trails either. They ruined the cities and they will ruin he wilderness too. 
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I don't want to see these fuckers either. Go back to the city and die of GRIDS.
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Deh wuz sum bike i could take out im dez wuudz buh i dunt see any bikes i jus see dem treez n shiet and i tied tuh steelz it buh it wuz stuk im dem dirt real deep like bolted down uh sumptin.

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This is what follows. 

Thread OP has been deleted but this placeholder is kept, so replies can be read
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Thanks for the report, I'll get it fixed up. 
> 1588

deletion by post password now works again
> Thread OP has been deleted but this placeholder is kept, so replies can be read

Gay. Just let it delete the whole thread like every IB software does.
> 1592

That option will come
Why did you delete?

you should skate everyday of your life! skate or die

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hey eneryone. i am transgender
whats it smell like?

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So it's the first thread, hopefully comfy and hopefully the only test thread.
Latest schizopaper: https://github.com/SamPorter1984/Aletheo/blob/main/papers/Aletheo%20Whitepaper%200.4.pdf
Telegram group: https://t.me/AletheoProtocol
Discord: https://discord.gg/hSryMjUk
> Aletheo can be translated from Greek as the Bringer Of Truth From God, or as the God Of Truth.

Main token utility is a sovereign currency for exchange between Employers and Posters.
Employers run marketing campaigns with selected keywords, they can use the platform to pump their bags for example.
Posters commit to these campaigns and by default they are not obliged to shill, they can FUD, they can express genuine opinion, they can lie, they can talk about weather in the thread, discuss other tokens and coins easily, anything, they will still get paid for bumping thread.
Also, using the image of WIP, it's not complete yet, so there is no risk of our artist creative work being stolen.
If the oracle works correctly, this post will be paid.

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