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Erm what happen to da endchans? 
Координируемся... или ждем пока оклемается
Chúpenme el pico
No previous.
grey socks white print laying down on floor with legs up from her knees looking back 
to Endchan bunker.
Leave a comment, be patient. End will be back soon.
==Welcome To The QR Bunker==

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

'''We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.'''
README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK: https://8kun.top/qresearch/welcome.html

==To all anons==
This board was born during the 8chan QResearch 93 day hiatus from Aug 5 - Nov 2 2019. Dough was revised in Jan 2021. Anons from any Q platform are welcome here.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a free speech board. '''For our purposes here, free speech excludes illegal content, spam, hardcore porn, gore, or personal attacks.'''
Thank for understanding.

==Q's Latest Posts==
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[not recorded here because this is a backup board for use mainly when 8kun is down (and Q is not posting)]

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All Q's posts, archived here --- qanon.app (qanon.pub) , qmap.pub, qalerts.pub
normal day
another day at the office
Upgrading the network card, shouldn't be more than 30 minutes, we'll be right back.
드보크 운영자입니다.

먼저, 공지도 띄우지 못하고 드보크를 닫은 것에 대해서 미안하다는 말씀을 드립니다.
자세한 부분까지는 말씀드리기 어려우나, 호스팅 업체의 문제로 인해서 서버가 손상되었습니다.

드보크는 별도로 백업 데이터가 남아있기 때문에 복구는 금방 가능하지만 우선은 닫아두겠습니다.
지금까지 많이 도와주신 회원님들, 특히 드보크 회원님들에 대해서는 특별히 감사의 말씀을 드립니다.

다크웹 사이트를 운영하면서 작게나마 뉴스로도 나오고 많은 분들의 관심을 받게 되어 기쁘게 생각합니다.
드보크는 닫혔지만 어디선가 새로운 '드보크'가 만들어지면 거기서 다시 만나도록 합시다..

정말 감사합니다.

그리고 하나 첨언하자면, 제가 이 글을 굳이 쓴 이유는 미꾸라지님이 여지없이 물을 흐리고 있어서..
그분 말은 무시하시고, 너무 걱정하지 마세요. 어차피 Tor 프로토콜 자체를 뚫기는 아직 어려워서, 할 수 있는건 저런 집요한 방법 밖에는 없습니다.
How did you arrive?
I arrived via helicopter.


Fear profits neither man nor Bear.

Endchan backend is getting an upgrade, we'll be right back in less than an hour
and again
what is up with the fucking CAPTCHA? WHO THE FUCK BUILT THIS TRASH?
how did this pass QA?
A fugging thread.

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