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Endchan backend is getting an upgrade, we'll be right back in less than an hour
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Since you don't have a job or a girlfriend, I'm guessing you've probably had several older men at an upgrade to YOUR back end....

By the way, I guess you never thought anybody would realize without a job, you can't support yourself, you can't afford rent or utilities or food or automobile insurance, and you certainly can't afford Wi-Fi...

But you're using the internet, so obviously you're mooching off somebody...

It's not your father, because your father abandoned you and your mother a long time ago

And your father would never allow you to sit on your ass pretending to be an internet genius, while he pays to fund your pathetic little fagshow...


no father would allow you to take a free ride...

nope!!... it's obviously your mother who coddled you and allowed you to sit there playing video games as a child.. you didn't become a lonely sexually failed unemployed soft weak internet douchebucket At your father's expense.. obviously you're still living in your mother's spare bedroom..

And you wonder why no woman will give you the time of day? Amazing.. absolutely amazing...

Speaking of endless futile masturbation, how's that working out for you lately?

you ARE aware that your mother hears you jacking off, right?

my wife says your back end probably gets tuned up quite frequently
LOL time to go enjoy this CHATROOM CULTURE thing

goodie goodie

this is like shooting injured puppies ith a BB Gun
in a high-pitched, lisping, whining voice* "Wishing you all the best outcomes on the upgrade!"


      since you're kissing his ass
      you could at least tell him
                              how it tastes

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