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what is up with the fucking CAPTCHA? WHO THE FUCK BUILT THIS TRASH?
how did this pass QA?
it works if you don't have an image.
Oh I see, it only works if you say fuck, makes sense
My apologies, I've given the CAPTCHA it's meds. Should worked better. If not I'll take it out back and shot it and we'll look for a new one.
thumbnail of GretaSpeech.png
thumbnail of GretaSpeech.png
GretaSpeech png (246.52 KB, 650x585)
Got it to work by adding a password to remove the post later.

> I've given the CAPTCHA it's meds


So, one of these things reduced our difficulties.
thumbnail of Gretastillspeaking.png
thumbnail of Gretastillspeaking.png
Gretastill... png (93.56 KB, 650x585)
zen mode, it both accepted, and did not accept my image.
no, you will not receive change.
testing captcha reply
seems fine to me
and again

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