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PROPHECY: Russia Starts The Great Nuclear War

"My son, it will come suddenly.  The great Russian nuclear attack will decimate many.  Many will die, the fury will kill all.  My son, prepare, the Russians will attack furiously.  Many will die, the cities will be attacked.  The subs are sneaky, they will come from underwater.  Furiously attacking by stealth, the coastal cities will all be gone.  My son, prepare, the end is near.  The coast will be destroyed by nuclear missiles.  Many will be gone.  The missiles will attack the cities, and many will be  vaporized.  The nuclear war will start by them.  Many will be vaporized in Russia.  Many will die over there.  The nuclear missiles will attack the coastal cities, leaving many defenseless, My son, prepare.  The war will start, leaving many dead.  Your LORD has spoken."
YHWH has spokenth onto thee, Christcuvck. Now, go and suketh some Judish cocks and lickeths their balls, for they are YHWH's chosen peoples. Glory to rabbi Yeshua Ben Yosef and his father, Yahweh. Amen.
This fucking guy. He posts prophecies saying he's THE LORD then sometimes his website where "God needs money".

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