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someone was going to make this board eventually, and now I have

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Who is your queen and why is it Belle Delphine?
belle_delphine__1266883.jpg (98001, 1273x901)
Belle-Delphine.jpg (111115, 1600x900)
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preem choom
481full-becca-scott-kerns.jpg (24879, 481x720)
beccaheadshot1_small.jpg (235393, 1000x1501)
becca-scott.jpg (101669, 750x1304)
BeccaScottKerns.jpg (111060, 1024x819)
BScott_196web.jpg (61622, 393x589)
BScott_575web.jpg (55720, 393x589)
MV5BNTVmNmNkNzgtOWE1ZS00Y2Q3LWE1NGQtNmViODFkZmI4N2I0L2ltYWdlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzMyMTczMjA@._V1_.jpg (1559169, 2400x3600)
ZAC_4439mini.jpg (76287, 393x589)
Becca Scott is a strong contender

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