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ColorPallette_ModernPop-OceanOrange.png (5206510, 1280x1016)
Colors and color theory thread.
ColorPallette_Vaporwave-Anime.png (5575282, 1280x1088)

ColorPallette_Vaporwave-Citypop.png (6591730, 1430x1152)

ColorPallette_Vaporwave-WashedRetro.png (6447864, 1400x1151)

colors_of_russia.png (734342, 1018x1028)

I watched Christo’s documentary on that floating bridge he made. Was cool

color code test
> green

> green

>> pink
>>> orange

loaq.png (4635351, 2000x2000)

instead of making a new thread for every single image, why not post your images in a single thread?

Hello, Todd here, fun to see new channels! I'd be happy to share my art for you all to see, I've been drawing for the past couple of years sense my love passed away, it's been my coping mechanism... 

fuck off spice
1610927713610.webm (514555, 0x0)


putin.png (2170243, 2016x2016)

This is my favorite so far, your spacing and colors are getting better.
> 19

Stop stupid face


statuary2PNG.png (4900787, 2600x2600)

based AND redpilled!




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