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She could be your granny or mine, but don't let the apple pie or the sweater she knit for you throw you off! She's a domestic terrorist. Very domestic, very terroristic. Look out! 
I miss my grandma :(
i would fuck that old whore so fucking hard, wrap that bitch up in a american flag thong and just ram that bitch over and over and over in the name of freedom

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The worst president ever by fraud.


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Israel is an Apartheid state and America should shun jews suverting our nation to support it.

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Non Whites have no right to White people. Not to our country, our institutions, or our stuff. If someone in your White country wants something of yours or your people, tell them "you have no right to my people".

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Post your favorite nationalists in action.

Explained: JFK: "We are opposed around the world by a monolithic...
stupid, dumb, newfag scum

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Removed the following banners because they get shrunk too much to be readable. But here they are for your viewing pleasure anyways.

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4) Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden have all referred to the USA as a “Nation of immigrants”. Justin Trudeau has also called Canada a “Nation of Immigrants”. How do you think Indigenous Peoples and First Nations feel about this view?
Do you think that telling a white person that they’ve “never been judged by their skin color” is judging them by their skin color?
 In the 1950’s, the USA was 90% white and had an obesity rate of 1%. Today, the USA is 60% white, and has an obesity rate of 40%. Do you think that genetics are mainly to blame for the obesity rate, or do other factors such as diet and lifestyle play a main role in explaining it?
Citizens in developed countries consume far more resources than those in developing countries, and have far more negative environmental impact. Immigration is often cited as a way of boosting the ageing population of developed countries. Is it positive, overall, for developed countries to try and grow their population in this way?
A girl’s 100-meter sprint race is held. The three finalists will receive a full-ride scholarship to a prestigious university, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. All three winners are pre-op transgirls. The 4th, 5th, and 6th place are cis-girls. The cisgirls complain that the transgirls had an unfair advantage. Are they being bigoted?
Happy! Yippy! Yehey! Proud to be Bobotante Tangalogistani mass terrace! Bobotante Tangalogistani mass terrace are Indigenous Aboriginal Canadians! Tangalog/Taglish is an Indigenous Aboriginal Canadian language!

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