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Minor setback with the unions, but labor laws prevented them from doing any real harm.

I keep having this feeling that I am being watched somehow. I don't mind though.
It's sort of like having that older sibling that I've always wanted. Someone who always has my back, almost like a guardian angel. Do you know what I mean?
If I was being watched, that would be so cool.
I wonder what they think about me?
Why do you think we’re watching you specifically? Is there something you’re hiding? We could be watching someone else in household 4625848, and why do you think we’re only watching?

Also the kibitz around the water cooler is that you’re cool but a degenerate. Any ways have a nice day citizen.
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Hello FBI, can we discussed the lolliporn spam? There are some links posted on this site, if you could set aside the Domestic White Terrorist Bogeyman Bullshit for a moment, maybe find a few comptent White agents to look into it when you're not sucking a jews dick, that'd be great. Thanks.

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This February was absolutely great for black history month. Honestly I don’t know why there isn’t more of them.
Three a year sounds like a right number. What do you all think?
WOW four? I hadn't thought of that. Great idea, I'm going to call my local representative's office right now.
Wait, what if we dedicated an entire week every month just for black history/pride?
That would be something.

the government?

Me as well. 
In fact.
I'm pledging allegiance right now!
Don't ask what the government can do for you, ask what you can do for your government!
Haha yes comrade, but the government really should do a lot more to benefit those in marginalized communities. I think there should be a policeman on every corner!
Maybe the great country of The Peoples Republic of China could manufacture some  sort of police robot that could be used across the world.
Wow imagine that, we would be so safe!

Does anyone else trust the government? 
I really think the people at the top have our best interest at heart!
The government does what no one else can and we love them for it.

They keep us safe unlike any other commercial entity.

They give us money when we're down. And bolster the disabled and elderly.

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