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​​The Folk/Daniels research team has been working on a breakthrough discovery for multiple sclerosis. The Seattle based research group has found a link between the debilitating disease and unhealthy red blood cell production. They have discovered that iron deficiency and elevated oxygen saturation may be major contributing factors in the cause of the disease.

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Post userscripts for greasmonkey and co.
Here's one that changes the Boards dropdown to a link.
A one liner that makes the posting form at the bottom of the page always open.
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No file again?

Userscript for Greasemonkey and similar software to change the dropdown Boards list in the navigation bar to a link to the boards list page.

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Full of Feds and Trannys. Just don't
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good advice. full of faggots, pedos, and groomers. 
I'm not convinced the entire rest of the internet is any different. Instead of complaining about being monitored the better course of action would be to learn how to stop yourself from being monitored. If you can do that in one place you can do it in every place, even discord.

Thread OP has been deleted but this placeholder is kept, so replies can be read
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So the goal of LynxPHP is to be the wordpress of imageboards.

Wordpress sucks, but we need something like Lynxchan that can run on shared hosting. And I know someone that made an imageboard on wordpress. That needs to stop.

The goal would be to make it easy to develop imageboard plugins. So it would be easy to experiment with the format.

This causes the code to be structured in a way that's easy to understand and all similar functionality is put in the same place instead of all over the system.

if you want to help, look over the source code and just ask questions. Or find bugs and file issues.

This is a test for long comments. Ignore.

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I want to have a board to build an online community. I could start my own image board but why do that when there is people out there that want to do the same things? That's what a community is for right? I prefer a board that has thinks that are interesting and primarily  for whites.I don't have a problem with Japanese or Koreans too much, every other not white can fuck off.
You can make your own board here, like 8chan, by making an account and creating a board. You will have full mod powers over it, have fun.

Hey all,

Here we'll be talking about development relating to the popular discord game "Stratic".

Development so far is as follows:

fuck you stupid faggot nigger kike boy you're the gay one what the fuck do you know about anything baby idiot retard stupid baby boy idiot?
I still want Stratic to get finished at some point too and as a means of amalgamating more projects into one, I suppose the web-end for Stratic can tie the user accounts from WrongThink to the Stratic web-end so your scores are public on the same profile or something like that. I also think Stratic could be used as a public-but-legal betting platform so long as the currency used to bet on the games is the % currency or Bumpcoin or something more legally malleable like that.

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