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good thread

hello Fed
Why would you say that? Quit bullying me. You can't prove I'm a fed.

what if we got jobs at the government together-- nevermind but maybe...

s.jpg (702520, 2100x1402)
Are you lonely?

Wanna join a server where you can voice chat with a handful of people looking to be frens?

Do you like to play video games and talk about global news?

Then feel free to join our server.

No underage and coombrains allowed.

And please wait a bit after joining, a mod will manually let you trough our raid protection.

> No underage AND coombrained allowed.

So if you're underage OR coombrained, but not both, then you're allowed in?

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tiagovski ai que merda.mp4 (72663, 0x0)

camp01.jpg (350870, 1024x679)
Do you like camping? Does the idea of going hiking for a few miles, finding a place to camp near a lake where fishing is possible, drinking, steaks, campfire, is it interesting to you. No homo. No car camping.
I'm talking about getting away from annoying people and noise and just being out in natural places to relax and slow down a little. Just essential gear without being annoying in a ultra light way. 
blk_camp.JPG (44864, 580x513)
I don't want to see these people on my trails either. They ruined the cities and they will ruin he wilderness too. 
notyou02.jpg (78767, 800x533)
I don't want to see these fuckers either. Go back to the city and die of GRIDS.
wdyameen.jpg (104201, 1559x914)

1613333664484.jpg (54404, 720x720)
bee mine
bvvvv.png (625541, 895x731)
uvv got it backwards brother.
the flowers need us more then we need them. 
just bee urselvv bro

20210211_131318.jpg (78619, 643x1000)
This is fucking great 
who is he
im rooting for him 


Thread OP has been deleted but this placeholder is kept, so replies can be read
is this illegal or wat

3C10A6C7-F339-45D1-B2CD-D79402D02E20.jpeg (70603, 500x500)
ok when was this site made

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