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Capture.PNG (11096, 152x306)
where we at with dev?
minor backend optimizations and clean up
started looking at javascript and proper thumbnails
thumbnails will fix bandwidth (and imageraep scripts) big time, big ups breh

Great day!


1609802741000.webm (3103627, 0x0)
New Webm test
cock bump
1610570142931.webm (2909113, 0x0)
boys bein boys
Oh my... Really nice! Keep posting these!

BGRBBC.JPG (34119, 626x329)
Dat's rite!
Blak.JPG (89395, 632x906)
Pass the malt liquor 

kid-on-computer-2_tnvltp.jpg (37209, 500x362)
tor werks?
no javascript needed, nice
nigger nigger
bor berks

97797942_582412892398638_6620432404471349248_n.png (284458, 500x500)


magic2.png (1574429, 960x720)
new thread teszt
index.webp (63846, 512x449)
tomato.mp3 (13130, 0x0)
mp3 support?
Perfect 👌
index.webp (32266, 512x512)
> tfw no greentext

< tfw no orangtext


Fun to see new futures! Good job game developers! 

shut up Spice
excuse you?


Hello people, hows it going? Any news? 
I've been watching CNN lately and their production quality looks cheaper than ever before! 


Everybody feels lonely at times, maybe reach out to friends and family? 
The bible changed my life, it's a firm recommendation from me!


I don't know who is posting but do not use my name with out permission. Regards.


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