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thread_details is worthless, we have post_details that drives most of this

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Think again before you pick a side! Supporting Ukraine means:
> supporting NATO's use of Ukraine as a launchpad so that they can do incursions into Russian territory

> stage a 30 September 1965 style coup

> install a pro-Western dictator on the likes of Suharto, PInochet, and Yeltsin

> brainwash the entire Russian populace into subservience to the West

> infect the Russian populace with cheap pop culture while denigrating authentic Russian culture and local working-class culture

> massacre ┬╝ths of the Russian population, preferably communists but also sympathisers and other leftists

> let Western companies exploit Russia

> make Russia into a launchpad to start Jakartas in Beijing, Pyongyang, Tehran, and Damascus

In short, your support for Russia greatly prevents the expansion of American retardation, imperialism, and hegemony into opposing countries, and from there to all four corners of the world. Be warned and read Andre Vltchek!!!

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New Reply on thread #3468
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