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"Me and SodaPop we rollin in muh droptop, we holla up the shorties blowing ganja non stop, we blowing out joggers like Jimmy Buffets flip flops." 
Buh deep deep shoooby dooby doo, zip zop tiddly bonk wonk, fibberdy giddget boppity bonk. Dippity bing sugar pop flopity bop. 

does anyone want 2 b friends
depends, what is your ethnic background?

Where are the mods? Someone needs to clean up this shit hole
you're the shithole, a big stinky shithole, a hole full of shit, that's you, that's your life, get fucked shitter

i’m so lonely 
Everybody feels lonely at times, maybe reach out to friends and family? 
The bible changed my life, it's a firm recommendation from me!


the real Todd would never sign as "-todd", you are clearly a fake
This is great! Lord Jesus here you are! That was not me, it was jet another fake, I don't know why this keeps happening on these type of forums... Cool that you are looking out! 


real todd posting finally
t. odd
real todd posting finally
t. odd

Fun to see new boards! 
The Democrats have really gone too far, so has the media, I can't believe what has happened to our  democracy... 




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