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/www.horseandjockeyrutland.co.uk/ - Best Hospitality pub in Rutland | Horse and Jockey Rutland Pub If you plan to gather with your friend and enjoy yourself with them then surely you are looking best pub in Rutland. Horse and Jockey pub is famous for its hospitality. Here you will get a lot of your Favourite charcoal whiskey, sake, cinnamon syrup, and orange. We specialize in hosting large walking groups and providing car parking facilities. We also facilitate a suitable meeting point where you can enjoy delicious coffee and pastries and we will very happy to provide you lunch service. It is our promise you will like our service. so please give us chance to give you service.
/B/ - Random Free for all
/malk/ - malkavian talk to things maybe they will reply
/noods/ - Pornography someone was going to make this board eventually, and now I have
/wrongthink/ - Wrongthink Software Development preference posting, bikeshedding, it-works-for-me replies
/n/ - The Knights Who Say Ni- You can say it here.
/rightthink/ - ORDER Back in line, citizen.
/test/ - testing area for learning and development
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